ICT and Professional Development Education Hub

Several Different Courses are proposed as shown in Fig1. These courses are for Professional Development (PD1, PD2, etc), Certified IT Officials (CITO), and Business Development (BD1, BD2, etc). These following courses will be developed, hosted and taught by  NGE Institute in collaboration with other organizations such as Programs Foundation:

  • Basic eBusiness/eCommerce Certificate for Beginners consisting of PD1, PD2, PD3.  These courses can be used by ICT teachers and students to develop basic proficiency in ICT and eBusiness/eCommerce. This Program  is described below in Section1.
  • Programming Certificate  for Beginners consisting of PD4, PD5 and PD6. These courses can also be used by ICT Teachers and students to develop basic ICT and programming skills. This Program  is described below in Section 2.
  • CITO (Certificate for IT Officials) Program for working professionals (e.g, ICT Supervisors, Project Managers, and Team Leaders). This Program (consisting of CITO1, CITO2, CITO3) is described below in Section3.
  • Other Business Development courses for working professionals such as Hands-on Workshop for SDG Implementations that can be used as an Introduction to SDGs and ICT4SIDS Site (see Section3). In addition, we will offer Sustainable Business Development courses for small businesses.   See Exhibit1 for a starter list.